oem eco friendly cups

  • OEM Merry Christmas Coffee Cups

    1. OEM Biodegradable Coffee Cups  are reusable.             2.  Ecomagicware mugs are Non-toxicity .            3. Minimum Order quantity of  Ecomagicware mugs is  200 Pcs.              4. BPA Free, Melamine free       5. The  plant fiber tea mugs are Biodegradable within 2- 3 years.      6. Ecomagicware will do the biodegradable coffee cups what you need the lid and sleeve made from the plant fiber or silicon.

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  • OEM Rice Husk Cups

    1. Reusable  and biodegradable.     2.  Ecomagicware of products are Non-toxicity.     3. Minimum Order quantity made from Ecomagicware is  200 Pcs.        4. The tableware can be heated in microwave and washed in the dishwasher.        5. The  rice husk tableware and coffee cups are biodegradable within 2- 3 years.  6. The package paper box is biodegradable. 7. BPA Free, Melamine free

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