What is the global ban on plastic?

In France, from January 1, 2020, France banned the sale of certain disposable plastic products, including disposable cotton swabs, disposable cups and plates, and other plastic products. School cafeterias also banned the use of purified water in plastic bottles.

The manager of the "French Zero Waste" organization stated that the French authorities will gradually strengthen the "plastic ban" in the next few years,and plan to ban the sale of drinking water in plastic cups, plastic drinking straws and stirring rods, and styrofoam lunch boxes in 2021. Plastic packaging of fruits and vegetables will also be banned; In 2022, the catering industry, including fast food chains, will be prohibited from providing disposable tableware to dine-in customers. The ultimate goal is to reduce the use rate of disposable plastic products to zero by 2040.

Ecomagicware have an responsibility on reducing the plastic waste and reusing the vegetable and corn to make the eco friendly coffee cups and tablewares without plastic package. GO GO GO.

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