What is degradable tableware


What is degradable tableware

Degradable tableware refers to tableware that can undergo biochemical reactions under the action of microorganisms (bacteria, molds, algae) and enzymes in the natural environment, causing the appearance of mildew to change in internal quality, and finally the formation of carbon dioxide and water.

The outer surface of each degradable tableware finished product shall have a distinctive factory mark formed once. An explanatory label should be attached to the packing box and the following contents should be indicated:

1. Product name, type, registered trademark, sanitary license number;

2. The name of the manufacturer, place of origin, batch number and date of production;

3. Inspection mark and standard code.

4.QS certification

5. Products exported abroad can also pass US FDA certification

There are two types of materials used for degradable tableware: one is made of natural materials, such as paper products, straw, starch, etc., which are degradable and are also called environmentally friendly products; the other is made of plastic as the main component, adding starch, Made of photosensitizer and other substances.

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