Ecomagicware Circular Economy- Eco-friendly plant fiber tableware


Plant fibers consists of  various plant fibers such as rice husk, bamboo and straw. It is crushed by the machine, mixed with organic polymers such as starch, and formed by moulds under high temperature and high pressure from drying and sterilizing the rice husk, bamboo and other plants.

Plant fiber from Ecomagicware is rich in trace elements such as calcium and silicon, which has high strength, no molding, antioxidant, bacteriostatic and other natural characteristics. Plant fiber is a healthy and biodegradable raw material. The tableware and other products made from plant fiber can replace some plastic tableware and bamboo and wood products tableware, thereby reducing the damage to natural forest and the pollution to the earth. It is an innovative and environmentally eco friendly product. Regarding the uniqueness of raw materials, such products are non heavy metals, non bisphenol A, and formaldehyde free, and are safe and health for use. It is better than disposable takeaway coffee cups and plastic tableware and glass products which make more waste and do not reuse again. Therefore, tableware, toys and other products produced from such materials are environmentally eco friendly and safe. 

Ecomagicware has got  CE and  FDA certificates. If you want to know more please contact us without no hesitation. 

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