Ecomagicware Plant

Ecomagicware make the sustainable and recyclable plant fiber products, for example: the rice straw and wheat straw, rice husk bamboo, sugar cane and other plant fiber. Ecomagicware make rice husk and plant fiber coffee cups and tableware which take away tea, coffee or hot chocolate replacing the disposable coffee cups and tea mugs. The rice husk and plant fiber tableware for families and kids made from the plant fiber powder mix with addtions:  no melamine and no toxins and BPA free. No nastives leaching into your drink and food. The  powder have been tested by the third party. Without any pesticides and nasties. The running of production are hold in hand to garantee the quantilty of products. And deliver the logistics as you wish. Ecomagicware are making the eco friendly plant fiber products:  the takeaway coffee cups, family tableware and kids tableware. Recently Ecomagciware make Eco Friendly Takeaway Packaging for food container and the Sound insulation board and Waterproof corrugated board and geothermal board for transpotation, the Packaging of precision instruments for Industrial packaging.  The daily capacity of production is 2000 Pcs. The tableware and cups made from the rice husk and plant fiber are sent to the developed countries, which are biodegradable within 2 or 3 years. Reuse and reduce the waste , protect the ecosystem and the oceans.

Eco friendly, we' re going green and taking care of the earth.

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